Welcome to MCY.de

MCY.de is a strategic marketing consultancy for life sciences and technology companies. It combines strategic advice with hands-on marketing expertise for businesses facing today´s global marketplace.

At MCY.de, we are dedicated to market success. With marketing know-how, management expertise, and a passion for technology, we develop side-by-side with our client an integrated marketing mix tailored to the client’s need and spread consistently across all channels. Our goal is a fast and successful Go-to-market – achieved by reduction of complexity, increase of efficiency, consistent communication, alignment of all channels – for any given marketing budget.

Global corporations and startups worldwide that have profited from our work include Sybase 365, accells technologies, paybox solutions, Vodafone Germany, Telefonica o2, Tagit, Commercialbank Qatar, Ukash, and MobiKash Africa.

Team – Global expertise and down-to-earth advice

As experienced strategists, planners, and executors, we know first-hand what it takes to survive and prosper in a highly competitive environment. Our goal is to free up your resources and to take the hassle and the complexity out of Marketing.

When working with MCY.de, you will have just one personal contact who manages all of your marketing needs. We accelerate the marketing process and manage all related activities for you among company departments, consultants, partners, or agencies.

MCY.de is the brainchild of Heidrun Kirsch, Managing Partner of MCY.de. Heidrun is a seasoned marketing consultant with 20+ years of international Marketing experience. She is passionate about innovation and technology and driven by your market success.

From startups to global corporations, she has seen many companies through the process of successfully defining and launching their products and services. Her visionary and energetic leadership stimulates productive change and growth in the organizations she serves.

Philosophy – We at MCY.de are committed to

  • Customers’ success: We are committed to our clients’ success and put all efforts into continued and sustainable results.
  • Consultative approach: We listen to our clients, work side-by-side with them and guide them with competence and respect.
  • Cost-effective execution: We tailor and integrate the Marketing Mix for an optimized outcome.
  • Innovation: We are passionate about innovation and technology and want to leverage them to the benefit of the customer.
  • Keep it simple, practical and smart: We take the hassle and complexity out of Marketing with pragmatic and field-tested tactics.
  • One world: We think and act globally to draw on the best ideas and methods from around the globe.
  • People: We honor people, embrace diversity, and nurture a culture of honesty, mutual respect, and transparency.

Your benefits with MCY

  • We help companies to achieve:
  • Aligned strategy and execution
  • Integrated marketing activities
  • Consistent communication
  • Efficient delivery to the market
  • Tailor-made marketing management
  • Best ROI for given budget