Go-to-market Approach

Three successive steps to success

Over the course of more than 20 years of marketing new products and services, we have developed a pragmatic Go-To-Market (GTM) program. Our methodology incorporates field-tested procedures from diverse industries.

With our marketing know-how, management expertise, and passion for technology, we are uniquely positioned to guide you through three successive Go-To-Market phases.

Position phase – Define and align on foundation


In the first phase, we establish a strategic framework, a communication concept, and a marketing plan with tactics that reflect our shared vision and mutual understanding.

This phase typically takes four to eight weeks and includes a series of workshops and meetings to reach common goals.

Present phase – Get visual and recognized


In the second phase, we visualize and communicate the benefits of the offering. This phase includes branding, collateral, communication and website development. The goal is visual continuity, high brand recognition, online presence and promotional material consistent with agreed-upon communication concept.

This phase typically takes one to three months and involves a great deal of cooperation with the client.

Market phase – Excel in all channels


In the third phase, we leverage all online and offline channels including media, events, conferences, sales, social sharing and many more.

This phase is ongoing and can be executed for the client or by an in-house marketing capability.