Marketing for Startups

Starting a new business is complex and efficient marketing a key factor in its success. To gain customers, partners and investors, you need a strong brand and a convincing communication flow across all channels – regardless of limited resources. This means you have to be creative and implement smart marketing processes.

We have already helped several startups worldwide to better position, present and market their offering. We have headed the Marketing efforts of two technology startups leading to their acquisition by US investors.

Working with us, you will get startup advice and hands-on marketing expertise at first hand. Jointly, we will …

  • Define strategic intent and positioning
  • Develop a business and marketing plan
  • Develop a communication concept for offering
  • Develop branding for Startup offering
  • Design and maintain Startup’s website
  • Develop and execute PR strategy and releases
  • Design Marketing and Sales Collateral
  • Prepare and attend conferences with or for Startup
  • Win speaker slots for Startup management team
  • Win awards for Startup management team
  • Leverage global marketing opportunities

Our professional Marketing at affordable prices can help to get exposure of your brand in online and offline world and to gain the attention of your customers.

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