Strategic Consulting

Strategy comes first in optimizing the Marketing mix across all channels. It helps to answer key questions and to make the correspondingdecisions :

  • What’s the company’s purpose?
  • Where will it compete?
  • How can it win?
  • What capabilities will it need?
  • What management systems must be in place?

Together, we will answer these questions and jointly…

  • Align stakeholders based on vision and on business goals,
  • Define marketing objectives based on business objectives,
  • Define market segments and opportunities to be served,
  • Develop agreed communication for product or service,
  • Develop product positioning with key differentiators,
  • Specify branding implied by the strategy,
  • Define critical success factors (CSFs) to be addressed,

We use a consultative approach in which our clients are intimately involved in the entire process. With the combination of our Marketing know-how and clients’ experience, we can build tailored and successful marketing strategies.

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